The Seafood Shack, Cortez – Established in 1971.


The story began 44 years ago. The vibrant shoreline of Cortez, originally called Hunter’s Point, became the gorgeous backdrop to what is now a true classic in American seafood dining.


The year that started it all. The Seafood Shack Marina was built in 1971 on the sunny seaside of Cortez – a fishing village that was nicknamed “The Kitchen” by many residents for its wealth of fish, scallops, and other delicious seafood.

1972 - 1994

With the success of the marina came the desire for fresh seafood. In 1972, a 180-seat restaurant was added and The Seafood Shack Bar & Grill was born!


The pleasant customer response to the original Seafood Shack led to several expansions, resulting in today’s two-storey restaurant facility.


For 32 of the past 44 years, customers and guests also delighted in boat tours of the Intracoastal Waterway aboard the 300 seat, 120 ft. paddlewheeler, called “The Showboat.”


As the state’s oldest surviving fishing village, Cortez was listed as a Historic District on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1995.


In 2014, the marina and restaurant were acquired by Toronto, Canada-based development firm, VANDYK group of companies. Ownership of The Seafood Shack may have changed hands, but the traditions are still savored and experiences still thriving. VANDYK group of companies aims to enhance the overall marina and dining experience through the addition of a new menu and management and indoor and outdoor renovations, all the while continuing the legacy of The Shack and preserving its “Old Florida Feel”.


The revitalization of The Seafood Shack Marina, Bar & Grill brought it back to its glory days so that it can continue to flourish in the future…