Coastal Collaboration Dinner A Night For The Books!

Our Coastal Collaboration Dinner was held in The Neptune Room at The Seafood Shack on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. It was a special event that featured literary superlative and Florida native Vanessa Lafaye, author of Under a Dark Summer Sky. Her debut novel is a historic fiction set in the Florida Keys in 1935 during a devastating hurricane. Our Coastal Collaboration Dinner took place exactly 80 years after the hurricane depicted in the book actually hit! Manatee’s most passionate chefs came together to create an exciting menu inspired by the amazing foods depicted in the book.

Chef Dave Shiplett of SOMA Creek Side created a Red Cabbage and Strawberry Slaw, Chef Derek Barnes of Derek’s created a Corker Farms Oyster & Grilled Celery Stew, Seafood Shack’s very own Chef Gerard Jesse created “Grits & Grunts” and Chef Dana Johnson of Sugar Cubed created delicious Key Lime Rum Cake with charred peaches.

The event was an outstanding success! The Seafood Shack Marina, Bar & Grill would like to thank all attendees as well as Vanessa Lafaye and all of the chefs for their passionate participation.


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