#FromFarmToTable Seafood Shack Goes Back To Basics

Using fresh, local seafood and produce is The Seafood Shack’s top priority. Now, with a new, exciting relationship with Geraldson Community Farm, we’re able to get back to basics and bring more fresh and delicious local produce to our kitchen.

“We have way more than a business relationship with Geraldson Community Farm,” states Gerard Jesse, Executive Chef of The Seafood Shack. In fact, product is either delivered by or picked up from the farm every day. Fresh organic root vegetables, herbs, salad greens, cooking greens, edible flowers and more, are harvested in the morning and being served that afternoon.

Passionate about sourcing the best quality, seasonally-produced foods for The Seafood Shack, Chef Jesse feels strongly about the importance that wholesome food plays in a community. “Food helps develop relationships and nurture friendships, making you feel good about what you eat,” he said.

This passion has been translated into new menus as well as new concepts and a philosophically different approach to food at The Seafood Shack restaurant. “In a cluttered landscape of seafood restaurants, we believe in doing things differently.” The key to The Shack’s individuality is identifying purveyors and farmers with the same commitment to enriching people’s dining experience.

In a recent article in the Bradenton Herald, the farm’s Operations Manager Christa Leonard said, “I wanted to make a difference in the way people view local food, and their understanding of what it takes to make a movement happen.” And she’s doing just that by hosting an innovative monthly dinner event that is designed to bring people to the farm, literally.

Geraldson Community Farm - Dinner Bell Supper Club


The Geraldson Community Farm is hosting their fourth Dinner Bell Supper Club on Sunday, February 21, 2016. This monthly dinner is limited to 20 guests and is held in Geraldson’s beautiful barn. The dinner will be fully cooked outside over an open flame. The aim of the supper is to celebrate the farm’s local produce as well as dairy, meats and fruits produced in our amazing Florida region. The cost of the dinner is $50 and proceeds pay for food from contributing farms, other ingredients for the supper and Geraldson fundraising. Don’t forget to BYOB. Tickets are almost sold out – get yours today!

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